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What’s on the Next CPO’s Agenda Today?

Would you like to share your ideas and knowledge about procurement? And would you like to get new and refreshing insights and ideas in developments and untapped potential of procurement organizations? We invite you to participate in the study ‘What’s on the Next CPO’s Agenda Today?’. This project explores the current gains & pains and trends & developments in procurement in different organizations; from non-profit organizations to multinationals.

Purpose of this research? 

Kirkman Company explores in this study what the concerns of the purchasing organization today is. In the new book ‘What’s on The Next CPO’s Agenda Today’ they advise on how to overcome challenges and what improvements can be put into practice. Hereby the link is created with the nine recommendations put forward by Han Hendriks and Joost Scheepens in their book “The Next CPO” (2014).

Result of this research? 

You will receive feedback on your company’s results compared to others. It will give you insight and advise on how to improve. Click here if you would like to share your vision!

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