Did you know that in 2013 UK Government spending accounted for 21.33% of UK GDP (Source: The World Bank), which means even in the light of spending reviews and budget cuts businesses who want to expand in the UK should really consider the public sector as a potential customer.

However winning work with public sector customers involves a complex and involved procurement process with no guarantees of success, or revenue to show at the end. The resources required to create winning submissions, the processes to evidence and supporting material can prove a challenge for any organisation, but most especially for smaller businesses and those with only a short trading history.

So how can you ensure your business is the one to win a prized government contract?

Avoiding the common pitfalls and increasing your insight and understanding of the process will help you focus your efforts to factors that are most critical to success.

During the session you will learn:
• How to identify potential opportunities and assess how they fit with your business strategy
• The different procedures that are used in public sector procurement and how these impact on what you will need to do as part of the tender
• What to do to make the most of clarifying questions
• How to approach and construct your tender response to gain the most marks
• What to do if you are unsuccessful

Tendering for public sector contracts can be time and resource intensive but with the right knowledge and approach you can create winning tenders.

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Please register for Procurement Professionals Webinars Series: How to bid successfully for public sector contracts with Nicola Bramwell on April 29th, 2015 16:00 PM CET


Nicola Bramwell is a Director at Apsiz Services, a niche procurement consultancy specialising in procurement transformation and has an extensive background in Public Sector procurement at the largest public sector buying organisation in the UK.

She has been accountable for the implementation of new purchasing teams and operations and the development and delivery of procurement strategies leading to significant savings, cost improvements and robust commercial and contractual arrangements.

Working across multiple categories on procurements valued in 10s of millions, Nicola has created a huge number of tender exercises and evaluated 1,000s of supplier responses giving her a valuable insight into what makes a winning submission, and where suppliers often loose marks.

Nicola is a member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply and has a Masters degree in Procurement.

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